The friendship of bears

The river is full of salmons attracted upstream by the urge of instinct. It is the season of the sockeye.

Brooks River Alaska 01 Sockeye 28aug19 fb (1 of 1)

Someway the bears in the region learned about the migration and gathered to the best ambush spot: the waterfall.

There are various strategies to catch fishes. One bear stands on top of the waterfall waiting the salmon to jump into his mouth.

friendship 07 med (1 of 1)

Another bear waits under the waterfall to catch salmons which fail the jump.

friendship 05 med (1 of 1)

friendship 06 med (1 of 1)

Some bears go underwater to stare at fishes.

friendship 02 med (1 of 1)

In other times of the year the bears wouldn’t come close to each other, but the abundance of food in this season set a truce among them. Sometimes two dominant bears could aim for the same spot.

friendship 03 med (1 of 1)

But the conflict is rather demonstrative, with roars and head-shakes followed by a dignified retreat.

friendship 04 med (1 of 1)


But there is also friendship between bears.

friendship 08 med (1 of 1)

friendship 09 med (1 of 1)

We saw two bears which every time they met, they abandoned fishing for wrestling.

friendship 11 med (1 of 1)

Playing in the lake

friendship 01 med (1 of 1)

Playing in the forest

friendship 12 med (1 of 1)

Wrestling in the river

friendship 13 med (1 of 1)

There is no aggressiveness, just pure joy.

friendship 10 med (1 of 1)


friendship 14 med (1 of 1)

friendship 15 med (1 of 1)


Alaska, the Brooks River, Katmai National Park and Preserve.

friendship 16 brooks river med (1 of 1)

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