Samothraki Island

Samothraki Island is a rock rising 1600 m above the sea level in the northern Greece. It used to be a rather hidden holiday destination in the Aegean Sea, but I doubt it remained secret anymore nowadays. It is also famous for the magnificent sculpture of Nike (the goddess of Victory) made by the Greeks for the celebration of a worldwide renowned sport equipment brand.

samothraki 2014_03_the island med

The Samothraki harbor.

samothraki 2014_12_the port med

Someone delighted to meet me.

samothraki 2014_01_goat med

In the sea around, the dolphins use to jump out of the water quite often.

samothraki 2014_17_dolphin med

samothraki 2014_19_dolphin med

samothraki 2014_16_dolphin med

A garfish exploring our world.

samothraki 2014_15_garfish med

The northern part of the island has forests and green grass.

samothraki 2014_07_hiking med

samothraki 2014_06_hiking med

You may try a hike to the top of the mountain.

samothraki 2014_08_from top med

samothraki 2014_11_from top med

Top of Samothraki Island.

samothraki 2014_09_from top med

samothraki 2014_10_from top med

Sailing on gold.

samothraki 2014_14_gold med

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    1. Thank you for the message. There are also more attractions on that island for which I didn’t make photos good enough to post; there are rivers coming down in narrow gorges, with cascades and natural pools; or you may rent a motor boat to travel around the island and reach beaches which are not accessible from the inland.

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