Denali National Park, Alaska – part II

After passing by the Eielson Visitor Center the landscape is dominated by the Alaska Range with Denali.

Denali NP 201 pano 01 din vf dealului med

Denali rises 6190 meters above the sea level but the sensation of surreal is given by the huge elevation compared with the surrounding plain fields which are at approx. 5-600 m altitude.

Denali NP 203 HDR 04 din vf dealului med

Denali is the only one mountain in North America above 6000 m.

Denali NP 204 din vf dealului med

Caribou near the Wonder Lake.

Denali NP 223 Caribou 02 med

Denali NP 222 Caribou 01 med

Autumn colors near the Wonder Lake.

Denali NP 227 yellow 02 med

Alaska Range

Denali NP 241 Alaska Range 01 med

We found a small pond to try reflection photos

Denali NP 202 hdr 02 de langa balta med

The porcupine

Denali NP 229 porcupine 01 med

Denali NP 228 porcupine 01 med

When you are in Denali National Park and you must catch the sunrise at Wonder Lake.

Denali NP 209  din vf dealului med

Here is the Blueberry Hill where Ansel Adams photographed Denali in 1947. I think he actually took the photo from a slightly different spot compared with the place where photographers gather nowadays. He was in a higher place and to the left as you look to the mountain.

Denali NP 208  din vf dealului med

Flocks of Sandhill Cranes fill the air with joyful noise.

Denali NP 232 sandhill cranes 02 med

They never fly silently

Denali NP 231 sandhill cranes 01 med

Clouds over the Alaskan tundra

Denali cu nori 01 med (1 of 1)

Sunrise over the Alaska Range

Denali Alaska Range 07sep 19 01 hdr mare


Denali NP 234 caribou 02 med

Ground squirrel at Eielson Visitors Center. They feel safe in the proximity of tourists, probably the raptors don’t dare to came that close to humans.

Denali NP 235 ground squirel 01 med

Grizzly bears near the road

Denali NP 242 Grizzly 01 med

Denali NP 244 Grizzly 01 med

Denali, McKinley River and a piece of Wonder Lake.

Denali Alaska 06 sep19 01 fb (1 of 1)


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